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Installing AppArmor Profiles for ROS

Description: This tutorial explains how to install AppArmor Profiles to be used for securing ROS.

Keywords: SROS, AppArmor, Linux Security Module

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

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This tutorial will show you how to install the AppArmor profile library for ROS. This profile library includes the basic building blocks to quickly create and customize policy profiles for your own ROS application and for future tutorials.


Obviously you'll first need AppArmor installed, however in the course of to AppArmor development by Canonical, most recent Ubuntu and Debian based releases include AppArmor by default.

sudo apt-get install apparmor apparmor-utils

Next you'll want to download the current AppArmor profile library for ROS, this resides within the ros-infrastructure/apparmor_profiles repository. This repository not only contains the library itself, but also some helpful examples to build from.

git clone https://github.com/ros-infrastructure/apparmor_profiles

To install this profile library into your own system, you'll need find your systems configuration directory for AppArmor profiles, this is quite commonly /etc/apparmor.d for most debian based systems. Next you'll need to copy over the ROS profiles folder under profiles in the repo to /etc/apparmor.d so that AppArmor may find the ros profile library and added tunables. Note that you may require sudo privileges to alter the configuration directory.

sudo cp --recursive ros-infrastructure/apparmor_profiles/profiles /etc/apparmor.d

With AppArmor, anytime you add or change a module or profile, you'll need to reload them so that the invoke policies running alongside the kernel are recompiled and updated. This can be done by restarting the AppArmor service, like so:

sudo service apparmor restart

Library Details

Now that you have the library installed, but before you try and use it, take a moment to look over the library's structure. File specific documentation is referenced within the files themselves and the repositories accompanying READMEs.

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