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Welcome Arduino powered UWU_Bot at Uva Wellassa University of Sri lanka

This package build for Groovy but for rosbuild. So This may work on electric

This package build for Groovy but for rosbuild. So This may work on fuerte

This package build for Groovy. Fully tested on ROS Groovy. No cautions for usage. Needs processing perfomance and memory. Running Rviz visualizations takes more memory.

This package build for Groovy and will work with Hydro. Not tested with ROS Hydro

This package build for Groovy and will work with Indigo after release. Not tested for ROS Indigo

Package Summary

The package UWU_Bot provides all the hardware build description and drivers to build, develop and run the UWU_Bot

1. Introduction

This is UWU_Bot which is made for 3D mapping in outdoor purposes but it is capable for indoor also. Turtlebot's keyboard teleop over 3G network is used instead of short range wifi connection. Teamviewer is used to control UWU_Bot remotely. The UWU_Bot is made with an low cost concept with an Arduino pro mini and a RGBD camera (MS Kinect). Arduino recieves the velocity commands over serial communication and converts thath data to appropriate motor commands. Then sends to the high power MOSFET motor controller. Hardware information will be available at

2. Installation & Run

  • Guess you have ROS Groovy
  • Install openni, rossreial, ccny_rgbd and turtlebot packages and TEAMVIEWER
  • Clone the git to your workspace
  • Upload the provided Arduino sketch in the directory called "UWU_Bot_Arduino"
  • Switch ON the UWU_Bot
  • Run commands as follows

2.1.0 Launch openni

  • $ roslaunch UWU_Bot openni.launch

2.1.1 Launch map building in a new tab

  • $ roslaunch UWU_Bot mapBuilding.launch

2.1.2 Run the other specific nodes in new sell tabs to get work UWU_Bot

  • $ rosrun UWU_Bot (Starts serial communication to send velocity commands)

  • $ roslaunch UWU_Bot keyboard_teleop.launch (Starts keyboard tele operation)

  • $ rosrun rviz rviz (Load the given Mapbuilding.rviz config file)

2.2 After navigate some distance and SAVE the map to somewhere you preffered to do

  • $ rosservice call /generate_graph

  • $ rosservice call /solve_graph

  • $ rosservice call /save_pcd_map ~/path/to/dir/myMap.PCD

2.3 Use pcd2ply command to convert saved .pcd files to convert to .ply format. Because you need .ply file to see the generated map over "meshlab" or "cloud compare"

Ex: pcd2ply path/myMap.pcd path/myMap.ply

Above details for the on-bot run. For remote control the UWU_Bot use teamviewer. SO first start it on UWU_Bot and keep it. Log in to another base station and connect to the UWU_Bot laptop via teamviewer. Then do all the above steps. It is simple.

3. Report a Bug

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