These are the verbosity levels used by rosconsole and rospy/Overview/Logging


  • Information that you never need to see if the system is working properly. Examples:
    • "Received a message on topic X from caller Y"
    • "Sent 20 bytes on socket 9".


  • Small amounts of information that may be useful to a user. Examples:
    • "Node initialized"
    • "Advertised on topic X with message type Y"
    • "New subscriber to topic X: Y"


  • Information that the user may find alarming, and may affect the output of the application, but is part of the expected working of the system. Examples:
    • "Could not load configuration file from <path>. Using defaults."


  • Something serious (but recoverable) has gone wrong. Examples:
    • "Haven't received an update on topic X for 10 seconds. Stopping robot until X continues broadcasting."
    • "Received unexpected NaN value in transform X. Skipping..."


  • Something unrecoverable has happened. Examples:
    • "Motors have caught fire!"

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