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The adi_tmcl ROS package


" Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)’s Trinamic motor and motion control products transform digital information into precise physical motion, enabling Industry 4.0 performance in applications such as advanced robotics, automation, medical prosthetics, 3D printing, and more. The ADI Trinamic™ portfolio includes motors, encoders, and motor control ICs and modules. These complete, efficient, small footprint solutions can help reduce complexity and time to market for intelligent motion systems while supporting potential space and performance efficiency improvements." - ADI Trinamic Support

Official ROS Driver for Trinamic Motor Controllers (TMC) that uses Trinamic Motion Control Language (TMCL) protocol.

Hardware Requirements

  • Supported Boards:
    • All market-ready TMCs with YAMLs in the repository are expected to work and can be tried and tested by the users.
    • Officially supported (i.e. tested) TMC boards are listed here

  • Purchase Trinamic Motor Controller Evaluation Boards here

  • Purchase Trinamic Motors here


Documentation is hosted at

It will contain the following:

  • Hardware Setup
  • Software Architecture and Dependencies
  • Clone, Build, Pre-Launch, and Launch Instructions
  • ROS API (Nodes, Topics, Services)
  • Tutorial: Quick Tests


  • For more information, visit

    • ROS Development Platforms | Design Center | Analog Devices link

    • Industrial Robotics | Analog Devices link

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