1.2.4 (11/14/2012)

  • get it to compile on Quantal

1.2.2 (10/30/2012)

  • Fix PCL include finding

1.2.1 (09/20/2012)

  • Add missing ompl dependency

1.2.0 (09/19/2012)

  • Make it compile on Groovy

1.1.11 (06/13/2012)

  • Updates to match ompl release

1.1.10 (06/09/2012)

  • Fixed motion_planning rviz plugin

1.1.8 (04/26/2012) (fuerte)

  • Support for object/object collision checking
  • Trajectory filters actually gives feedback on errors (involved changing types)
  • Improvements/bug fixes in planning_scene_validity_server (report contacts, implementation for GetJointTrajectoryValidity service)

1.1.7 (03/20/2012) (fuerte)

  • Deleting ompl/sbpl, as they are being released separately.

1.1.6 (02/21/2012) (fuerte)

  • Fixing rosdeps

1.1.5 (01/26/2012) (fuerte)

  • Boost signals compile errors fixed

1.1.4 (01/19/2012) (fuerte)

  • planning_environment: Oneiric linker fix for boost

  • collision_map: Oneiric linker fix for boost

  • robot_self_filter: Oneiric linker fix for boost

  • motion_planning_rviz_plugin now compatible with upcoming version of API which does not have target_frame_ member of Display class.

1.1.3 (01/12/2012) (unstable)

  • rviz plugins now compile against rviz qt
  • collision map efficient in either box or sphere mode
  • adding necessary files for ikfast configuration
  • ikfast template now works correctly for 6DOF arms

1.0.8 (01/06/2012) (electric)

  • Added a couple includes to kinematic_model.cpp
  • Meshes with scaling will not output mesh resource models correctly in collision_models.cpp

1.1.1 (01/06/2012) (unstable)

  • Fixes for oneiric

1.1.0 (01/05/2012) (unstable)

  • Builds against unstable/fuerte RC
  • New trajectory filter that applies joint velocity and acceleration limits to arbitrary trajectory without moving trajectory points.
  • New constraint-aware ik wrapper class that also produces interpolated IK trajectories.
  • New functions in kinematics for searching for ik solutions that are consistent with the seed state.
  • Bug fix for mesh_resource marker scaling.

1.0.7 (11/21/2011)

  • Bug fix where group names on allowed collision operations in planning scene diffs were not being expanded in the environment_server
  • Made some print statements debug
  • Environment server more tolerant of taking longer intervals for syncing planning scenes
  • geometric_shapes depends on the assimp package rather than just having a rosdep

1.0.6 (09/20/2011)

  • Bug fix where planning monitor was not using allowed collision matrix in planning_scene_diff if supplied.

1.0.5 (09/08/2011)

  • Making print statement about clearing attached objects debug
  • Fixing uninitialized memory bug that was causing issues in maverick and natty.

1.0.4 (08/30/2011 Only bug fixes into electric)

  • Fixed locking issues in planning_models
  • Resizing for small resolution screens now behaves in wizard
  • Moved assimp calls to shapes to avoid code duplication in robot_self_filter and kinematic_models
  • urdf file in planning_models doesn't require pr2_description
  • A couple useful functions for getting object and attached object names in collision_models

1.0.3 (08/22/2011)

  • z-scale makes for prettier collision maps in planning_scenes
  • New artwork in wizard
  • Added completed trajectory removal functions in monitor_utils.h
  • Added ability to set group names as touch links
  • Visual models used for collision checking when collision models not available
  • DAE scaling supported correctly on assimp load
  • Removing all objects for one link no longer affects other links
  • Planning description configuration wizard improvements
    • Advanced mode collision operations have better subtitles
    • Selecting links in kinematic chain shows the markers for the links
    • Fixed marker locking bug when canceling from duplicate name check
  • Improving visualization functions in collision_models
  • Fixed race condition/seg fault in environment server on startup

1.0.2 (08/04/2011)

  • Fixed major memory leak for collision_space meshes, exacerbated by changing link paddings
  • Fixed additional bug for collision space that prevented full cleanup on deletion
  • Environment server now robust to SyncPlanningScene client periodic failure/death

  • Environment server will apply collision operations even when in non-monitor mode
  • MoveArmAction accidentally omitted ordered collision operations

  • Better joint controls in Planning Components Visualizer
  • Responded to user testing feeding in the Planning Description Configuration Wizard
  • Adding print function for AllowedCollisionMatrix

  • Made collision_space::EnvironmentModel::hasObject const

  • KinematicModelStateMonitor no longer cares about the velocity component of the joint_state message

  • Fixed bug where pre-pending front '/' to header frame_id was causing planning scene transform to fail.

1.0.1 (07/15/2011)

  • Typo fix

1.0.0 (07/15/2011 - Electric feature freeze)

  • Updated Eigen
  • Collapsed motion_planning_msgs, collision_environment_msgs, geometric_shapes_msgs, planning_environment_msgs, and move_arm_msgs into arm_navigation_msgs.
  • Deleted unused messages
  • Changed SetPlanningScene internal message to SyncPlanningScene.

  • GetPlanningScene.srv no longer triggers Sync, SetPlanningSceneDiff does

  • Moved some messages into collider from old collision_environment_msgs
  • Cleaned up cruft in collision_map and planning_environment to get rid of old .cpp files that were no longer being built

0.9.6 (07/06/2011)

  • Added RRT* as a planner
  • Changed dependency to rosdep tinyxml

0.9.0 (06/24/2011)

  • Massive release into unstable

0.3.2 (02/28/2011)

  • updated manifest for move_arm to remove unneeded dependency on joy

0.3.1 (02/03/2011)

  • updated stack.xml

0.3.0 (12/27/2010)

  • new release from trunk into unstable
  • warning - ROS api has changed slightly, C++ api's have changed a lot

0.2.4 (06/22/2010)

  • service calls to environment server from collision_free_arm_trajectory_controller are now persistent
  • move_arm will not look for an IK service at startup. It will instead look for it only when a pose goal request is made
  • move_arm now has a separate trajectory monitoring rate that can be lower than move_arm frequency
  • move_arm will discretize trajectories before monitoring them to account for the cases where trajectory returned from the planner or smoother is not sufficiently discretized
  • visualization is now broadcast on a latched topic

0.2.3 (05/15/2010)

  • Move arm tests have now moved to arm_navigation_tests
  • joint goal topic is latched
  • Link padding can now be dynamically loaded

0.2.2 (03/18/2010)

  • Bug fix - fixed bug in collision free arm trajectory controller where trajectory was not being discretized properly.

0.2.1 (03/17/2010)

  • (This is an API breaking update for compatibility with ROS 1.1) - API changes are for changes in the trajectory filtering api. The FilterJointTrajectoryRequest and FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraintsRequest messages have been taken out. Instead, the request is now inside the FilterJointTrajectory and FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraints messages themselves.

0.2.0 (03/16/2010)

  • move_arm
    • no more dependency on arm_planning_control
    • all api changes made - all visualization messages are broadcast by default
    • implements action client interface to controller
  • collision free control
    • fixed for changes in api

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