Common used Armadillo2 ROS topics

Armadillo2 has some common used ROS topics that can help you to get the data from the sensors and controllers and publish some data as well.

  • /GPS/fix - Contains GPS data - latitude, longitude, altitude and more.

  • /IMU - Contains IMU data in quaternions.

  • /URF/front - Contains data from the Ultrasonic range finder (in meters).

  • /cmd_vel - This topic allows to publish driving commands to the robot.

  • /espeak_node/speak_line - This topic will make the robot speak the line you entered.

  • /joint_states - This topic contains the position, velocity and effort of the robot's joints.

  • /pan_tilt_trajectory_controller/state - This topic contains the state of the pan and tilt of the robot's head.

  • /scan - This topic contains the data from the lidar laser scanner.

  • /torso_position_controller/command - allows to move the torso up and down.

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