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Bring-up a robot in the Gazebo simulation environment

Description: Robot bring-up in simulation

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Read and visualize your robot sensors

Setting the gazebo will bring-up the robot in the Gazebo simulation environment. All other arguments will work exactly the same but now the sensors and the capabilities will work in simulation instead with the real robot. All the topics, services and actions will keep the same name and functionality.

For example, if you want the robot from the example in the previous tutorial but now in simulation, just add gazebo:=true to your arguments:

$ roslaunch armadillo2 armadillo2.launch lidar:=true kinect:=true gazebo:=true

Aditional arguments that can be used with gazebo:

x,y,z,R,P,Y - Initial position and orientation of the robot.

world_name - By default, the worlds/empty.world' will be loaded. You can specify a new world file name with respect to GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH environmental variable or a full path to any other world file.

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