The control package provides ROS access to actuators that both of our experimental setups (dome and robot) have in common. In particular, we provide a general-purpose ROS driver for FLIR pan-tilt-units.

  • asr_flir_ptu_driver: This package constitutes a general-purpose interface to drive FLIR pan-tilt-units through the ROS messaging infrastructure. PTUs can either be controlled by other packages or by a built-in GUI. Moreover, this driver allows extensive parametrizing of PTU movements and defining areas which PTUs shall not drive through.

  • asr_flir_ptu_controller: This package extends the functionality of asr_flir_ptu_driver by providing an action server for controlling PTUs.

  • asr_flock_of_birds_tracking: This package implements a simple tracking of the Ascension Technology Corp magnet-tracking system "Flock of Birds“ that we installed on a Cyberglove. Tracking controls a FLIR pan-tilt-unit with the aim to continuously center the Flock of Birds within the image of a camera that is mounted on the pan-tilt-unit. In short, this package enables a camera following hand movements.

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