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Generating views for the gridMode of the asr_direct_search_manager

Description: This tutorial gives a step-to-step description for generating views for the gridMode of the asr_direct_search_manager.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


This tutorial gives a step-to-step description for generating views for the gridMode of the asr_direct_search_manager.

The basic stepts introduce the procedure for generating the grid. The grid will be saved in a file. Afterwards the file can be read by the asr_direct_search_manager. At each grid point the robot will generate views to cover the search space around the grid point.

There is one special case by using prior knwonledge in the asr_direct_search_manager with the gridMode. To use the prior knownledge it is needed to have the camera pose for each view. However, in the grid mode there is only the robot pose and the PTU-config given. To get the corresponding camera pose there is an additonal mode (the grid_initialisation mode). In that mode the grid will be fully departed and the camera pose can be accessed with tf and will be saved for the later use. As a result, there are additional steps necessary.

It is recomended to do the additional steps to ensure to have all functionality.


Basic Steps

In asr_grid_creator/param/labor_param.yaml

width/height: Adjust to the used map size

The (Min/Max/Step) defines the ranges in which the generation took place. The best one will be saved at the end. The best grid is the one with the most reachable (by the robot) grid points.

StepSize(Min/Max/Step): Adjust to the length of the frustum Htrans/Vtrans/Offset(Min/Max/Step): There is no generally rule to adjust them right. It depends on the obstacles located in the map. The best way is to try different configurations

Be careful of choosing the (Min/Max/Step) between each parameters. The run time will explode fast.

Additional Steps

Adjust asr_direct_search_manager/launch/direct_search_manager.launch::gridFilePath to asr_grid_creator/launch/asr_grid_creator.launch::ExitXML

In asr_direct_search_manager/param/direct_search_manager_settings.yaml

  • directSearchMode: 3 for grid_initialisation

  • fovH/fovV : Adjust to frustum

  • clearVision: Maybe this param has to be adjust, too. Depending on fovH/fovV

In asr_state_machine/param/params.yaml

  • mode: 7 for grid init record search

  • UseFakeMoveBase: true

Start and execute the asr_state_machine and the other components like described in the asr_resources_for_active_scene_recognition.

Common mistakes

The range of the (Min/Max/Step) is to high, so that the run time explodes.

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