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Executing the asr_state_machine in the direct search mode.

Description: Executes the direct search of the asr_state_machine as standalone or as part of the object search.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

Next Tutorial: To execute the direct search with the gridMode checkout AsrStateMachineDirectSearchTutorial To execute the direct search with the recordMode checkout AsrStateMachineDirectSearchTutorial


Most of the asr_resources_for_active_scene_recognition

-> rosrun asr_resources_for_active_scene_recognition start_modules_sim.sh


Used with gridMode

djust asr_direct_search_manager/launch/direct_search_manager.launch::initializedGridFilePath to asr_state_machine/launch/scene_exploration(_sim).launch::initializedGridFilePath

In asr_direct_search_manager/param/direct_search_manager_settings.yaml

  • directSearchMode: 1 for grid_manager

Used with recordMode

Adjust asr_direct_search_manager/launch/direct_search_manager.launch::recordFilePath to asr_state_machine/launch/scene_exploration(_sim).launch::CropBoxRecordingPath

In asr_direct_search_manager/param/direct_search_manager_settings.yaml

  • directSearchMode: 2 for recording_manager

For Both

In asr_direct_search_manager/param/direct_search_manager_settings.yaml

  • reorderPosesByNBV: If prior knowledge is available and desired set it to true, otherwise to false

In asr_recognizer_prediction_ism/param/scene_recognition.yaml

  • dbfilename: Adjust to current database of scenes and corresponding objects (Checkout asr_resources_for_active_scene_recognition for knowing to how scenes are learned and trained)

If simulated: In asr_fake_object_recognition/param/params.yaml

  • config_file_path: Adjust the path to a XML file containing the poses of the object(s) of the scene(s)

In asr_state_machine/param/params.yaml

  • mode: 1 for direct search

  • UseFakeMoveBase: true if simulated to save time and no error of navigation

  • SearchAllobject: To search only for a subset of objects, set it to true and specify them in!

  • IntermediateObject _XXX.xml

  • StopAtfirst: To true if the search should be stoped after the first object is found

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