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How to use the fake_data_publisher

Description: This tutorial shows how to use the fake_data_publisher to republish recorded object data, e.g. to run or test the recognizer without the need of a whole object detector system

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


  1. Setup
  2. Tutorial


You need a previously recorded object data stored in an sqlite-database to use the fake_data_publisher. Take a look at the recorder tutorial if you don't know how to create such a database.


First set all needed parameters, this means basically to set the path to your database (dbfilename) in param/sqlitedb.yaml and maybe select a specific subset of a pattern, therefore you have to uncomment and set usedPattern, firstUsedSet and lastUsedSet in the fake_data_publisher.launch. The interval in which sets are published can be change with the capture_interval parameter in param/capturing.yaml. The remaining parameters used by the fake_data_publisher usually don't need to be changed.

After setting all parameters you can start the fake_data_publisher by calling:

roslaunch asr_ism fake_data_publisher.launch


The terminal output right after starting the node will show an overview of the used parameters and information about the loaded data (see picture above). Now the fake_data_publisher starts to publish one object set after another. The fake_data_publisher uses either all object sets of all patterns from the database or, if the parameters usedPattern, firstUsedSet and lastUsedSet are set, it will use only the object sets from the defined subset and if the last object set is reached the publisher starts from the first anew.

If you are done using the fake_data_publisher, just use the key combination ctrl+c to terminate the node.

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