This package provides a description of the robot's kinematic chain containing all relevant frames as well as both static transformations and dynamic joints connecting frames among each other.

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Left: The robot's rotational and translational degrees of freedom. Right: Overview over the robot's most important frames and transformations.


The mild's kinematic chain is described in robot_description/mild.urdf within this package. (See the ros wiki for a detailed explanation of the urdf format)

The kinematic chain consists of two major parts: The robot's environment (map) as well as the robot's base and the camera-system including PTU, Guppy-Cameras (and Kinect as an optional component). The fixed reference Frame is in the PTU and is called /ptu_pan_link.

Map to Robot Base

  • /map - the origin of the map in which the robot is located
  • /odom - the robot's position in the map, located by the odometry
  • /base_link - the robot's base center point
  • /base_laser - the 2D-laserscanner's sensor frame

PTU Base to Camera

  • /ptu_base_link - the base frame of the pan-tilt-unit
  • /ptu_pan_link - the origin of the pan joint
  • /ptu_pan_link_rotated - the rotated part of the pan joint
  • /ptu_tilt_link - the origin of the tilt joint
  • /ptu_tilted_link - the rotated part of the tilt joint
  • /ptu_mount_link - the mounting frame for both cameras
  • /camera_left_frame - the left camera's origin
  • /camera_right_frame - the right camera's origin



Needed packages

run depend:

Needed hardware

For simulation nothing is needed. Additional hardware components:

  • Pan-Tilt-Unit (PTU)
  • MILD base plattform (See here for detailed description)

Start system

The transformation publisher is usually not run directly from this package. Instead, use the launch files provided in asr_mild_navigation.

The following launch file can be used to publish additional transformations needed for the use of a mounted kinect camera:

roslaunch asr_mild_kinematic_chain transformation_publishers_kinect_left.launch


See asr_mild_navigation for tutorials on how to set up the full kinematic chain.

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