The perception package wraps up low-level and high-level perception packages from RGB-D, laser and stereo-camera interfacing, over 6-DoF object localization to (passive) scene recognition. Passive scene recognition is performed with Implicit Shape Model trees, while 6-DoF object localization can be done by the help of fiducial markers or on the basis of the HALCON library.

distance: Packages, related to distance sensors (e.g. LIDAR) fall into this category:

  • asr_sick_lms_400:

    • This package is used to access Sick LMS 400 laser range-finders.

glove: Contains packages, related to data gloves:

magneto: This group contains packages, related to electro-magnetic tracking devices:

  • asr_flock_of_birds:

    • This package is a driver for the Ascension Technology Corp magnet-tracking system "Flock of Birds". It provides the remote server which publishes two 6d pose-markers and the necessary TF from the magnet-tracking system.

scene_recognition: This group consists of packages for Passive Scene Recognition with Implicit Shape Model trees (and an alternate scene representation called Probabilistic Scene Model (PSM)):

  • asr_ism:

    • This package contains nodes which make up the Passive-Scene-Recognition interface to Implicit Shape Model (ISM) trees. The Active-Scene-Recognition interface to ISM trees is located in asr_recognizer_prediction_ism, instead. This package is the entry point for passive scene recognition.

  • asr_ism_visualizations:

    • This package provides visualization logic for ISM data, e.g. visualizations with markers in RViz.
  • asr_lib_ism:

    • This package contains the ROS-independent library which provides the actual scene-recognition functionality of Implicit Shape Model (ISM) trees.
  • asr_psm:

    • The Probabilistic Scene Model (PSM) is a system to recognize scenes which utilizes objects and relative poses (relations) between those.
  • asr_psm_visualizations:

    • This package offers visualizations for the asr_psm learner/inference results using RViz and gnuplot.
  • asr_relation_graph_generator:

    • This package is used by asr_psm to generate a tree or graph containing selected relations between the objects of a scene.
  • asr_resources_for_psm:

    • This package contains resources for probabilistic scene modelling (PSM) which can be used in PSM-related packages like asr_psm.

visual: Packages which are related to visual sensors (mono/stereo camera systems, depth sensors) fall into this category. This is the most comprehensive one as all of our object recognition systems are vision-based:

  • asr_aruco_marker_recognition:

    • Package for localizing fiducial markers in either monocular or binocular image streams on the basis of the ArUco library.

  • asr_object_database:

    • Stores all 3D object models of the ASR system; mainly used for object localization and RViz visualization.
  • asr_descriptor_surface_based_recognition:

    • A package for 6-DoF localization of textured household objects in RGBD image streams by the help of the HALCON library.
  • asr_fake_object_recognition:

    • A simulated 6-DoF object localization system, providing recognition results in case given object locations are within the viewing area of our mobile robot. Ground truth is provided as an xml file.
  • asr_resources_for_vision:

    • Hierarchical roslaunch file infrastructure that covers complex setups of vision sensors from different brands (e.g. RGB-D in combination with color camera or stereo camera setups).


    • A set of methods used to convert data structures from ROS messages to the HALCON library and vice versa.
  • asr_ivt:

    • A ROS-wrapper for the Integrated Vision Toolkit (IVT) library.
  • asr_ivt_bridge:

    • A set of methods used to convert data structures from ROS messages to the IVT library and vice versa.

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