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Testing Inverse Kinematics

Description: A small set of test cases has been set up in order to validate the exact geometrical solution and provide some basic examples of how the algorithm works.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


  1. Setup
  2. Tutorial


The robot model test cases are not build by default!

In order to use the test, open the CMakeLists.txt of the asr_robot_model_service package and set the BUILD_IK_TEST parameter to true.

Rebuild the package afterwards.

To visualize the outputs, don't forget to set the visualizeIK parameter in the package's settings file to true as well.


To start the test cases, first launch the fake mild navigation by launching

roslaunch asr_mild_navigation simulation_manual_rearranged.launch

in order to view the visualized output of the tests, start rviz and load the nav_3D_mild configuration file from the asr_mild_navigation package.

rosrun rviz rviz -d $(rospack find asr_resources_for_active_scene_recognition)/rviz_configurations/scene_exploration.rviz

In any case, make sure that the topic /asr_robot_model_services/IK_Visualization has actually been subscribed to.

After everything is set up, you can start the actual test cases by launching

roslaunch asr_robot_model_services test_IK.launch

You can now step through each test case by pressing enter on the terminal and view the resulting console outputs as well as the visualization in RViz.


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