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Usage of asr_ros_uri

Description: This tutorial explains the available functions of the asr_ros_uri-package

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


Simply add asr_ros_uri as a dependency and you can use the functions of this package.


Getting the absolute path of a URI

Call std::string absolute_path(std::string uriString) to get the absolute path of the given uri (either with a file or a package prefix).


std::string path = ros_uri::absolute_path("package://<package_name>/<path_in_package>");

Getting the package-URI from a file path

Call std::string package_uri(std::string pathStr, std::string packageName = std::string()) to get the package-URI for the given file. Optionally you can provide the name of the package the file is located in.


std::string uri = package_uri("/path/to/file");

Prefixing a path with the file-protocol prefix

Call std::string file_uri(fs::path path) to simply add the file-prefix to the given path.

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