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Multi Object detection and tracking


Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

It is possible to configure blort to support multiple objects of different types. To do so you have to change the tracking.ini file that is by default can be found in blort_ros/config/.

Such a configuration looks as follows:

Model = Pringles.ply Barritas.ply Pharmaton.ply
SiftModel = Pringles.sift Barritas.sift Pharmaton.sift


Once configured in such a way, both modes of BLORT will support multi object detection.

Tracking mode

In tracking mode the tracker will ask for initialization for all objects, and start tracking the objects which were detected while at the same time the detector will keep looking for the listed but not tracked objects. Such a case for example would be having a table with only a Pringles on it, the tracker would start tracking it while asking for detection for the other 2 objects. Once one of these objects is added, the tracker will start tracking it also but continue looking for the missing one. As before, when one of the objects cannot be tracked anymore, the system will start looking for it again.

Singleshot mode

The singleshot mode will look for all the objects listed but only return the pose of the ones that were resulted in a tracking with good confidence.

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