1.4.2 (2011-06-06)

  • camera1394

    • The driver will stamp messages with the current ROS time if the new use_ros_time parameter is set. Fixes USB-1394 camera support, <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4841)>>

    • Use proper namespace for camera_info_manager, <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4760)>>

  • prosilica_camera

    • Fixes for camera models that don't support auto gain and/or white balance, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3824)>>, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4496)>>, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4316)>>

    • Publish mono8 encoding for binned Bayer images.

    • Better error reporting when failing to find the requested camera.
  • prosilica_gige_sdk

    • Fixed executables in deb package, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4875)>>

1.4.1 (2011-02-09)

  • wge100_camera

    • Fix to critical bug in WGE100 camera firmware, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4777)>>

  • camera1394

    • Bug fixes for publishing Format7 Region of Interest in CameraInfo, <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4735)>>, <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4736)>>

1.4.0 (2011-01-31)

  • camera1394

    • Add nodelet version of driver.

    • Add IIDC Format7 support <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4222)>>, thanks to Ken Tossell.

    • Format7 binning and ROI comply with REP 104.

    • Add Focus and Zoom feature support <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4631)>>, thanks to José Antonio Álvarez Ruiz.

    • The driver will only set video_mode or frame_rate to values supported by the device.

    • Bayer decoding within the driver deprecated (<<Ticket(ros-pkg,4725)>>). Prefer image_proc decoding instead. Only image_proc method supported in Format7 modes.

    • Better support for Mac OS X (<<Ticket(ros-pkg,4659)>>).

    • Re-licensed under LGPL.
  • wge100_camera

    • New firmware for WGE100 camera. Camera firmware written by James Bowman of Willow Garage. Firmware supports XOR line for robust communication.
    • Dropped packets only cause warnings in diagnostics when using the "packet_debug" option, which can be set dynamically, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3834)>>

  • prosilica_camera

    • Updated to adhere to REP 104, changes to CameraInfo and GetPolledImage.

    • Binning exposed through dynamic_reconfigure.
    • Handles binning and ROI correctly in both polled and continuous modes.
  • camera_info_manager

    • Moved to the image_common stack.

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