0.9.3 (2010-04-15)


  • set_inhibition now returns 1 on invalid arg.
  • Changed launch files not to use <include> in <node>. Now uses <rosparam>. Fixes #3805.


  • Now sends a packet to the camera at each frame to keep switch routing tables up to date. Previously, it was possible for no packet to be sent to the camera for many minutes, which could cause the switches to forget where to send the packets. Fixes #3995.
  • Improved the reliability of set_camera_info.
  • Fixed the self-test messages for the Pattern test. Fixes ros#2613.
  • Lengthened the timeout on the selftest regression test to try to prevent spurious test failures in Hudson.

0.9.2 (2010-03-02)


  • cam_settings.xml updated to use new parameter names.
  • SampleViewer script now works for architectures other than 32-bit x86.


  • Took out support for very old firmware versions (ones that didn't support ARP and camera names).
  • The wge100_multiconfigurator can now configure clients in parallel, and back-propagates changes that occur on all clients.
  • Upgraded the wge100 simulator, and got the regression tests working again.
  • Added a cycle test that can be used to check that the wge100 node comes up every time it is run.
  • Corrected which auto settings configure which register set in alternating mode. Auto-exposure and gain don't work well in alternating mode yet. There appears to be coupling between the two register sets.
  • Corrected when the massive_frame_loss flag is incremented. (Used to increment each time a frame is not published instead of each time a full frame is not received.)

0.9.1 (2010-02-08)


  • Moved the streaming mode topics into the camera namespace to match other cameras. Adjusted the launch files accordingly.
  • Added parameters to set the region of interest in streaming mode.
  • ROI in camera_info is now filled.
  • Removed spewage when packets are dropped.
  • The self-test now calls setID to satisfy qualification system requirements.
  • Added commented-out code to invoke image_proc in the sample launch files.
  • Node name is now distinct from its namespace name.


  • Added support for automatick black-level detection.

0.9.0 (2010-01-22)

camera_drivers is now documentation reviewed.

  • Staging into final release candidates for 1.0.
  • Released into Box Turtle

0.4.2 (2010-01-22)


  • Reworked demo launch files. Now just one up-to-date launch file.
  • Message tweaks.
  • Updated license to mention that most files are BSD.
  • Reordered parameters in a more logical way that matches the web documentation.
  • Removed old versions of the driver, except the one needed by qualification.
  • Removed obsolete firmware versions.


  • trigger_mode values are now "polled" or "streaming"
  • frame_id now defaults to "camera"
  • Trigger mode default changed to streaming.
  • Added set_inhibition utility to configure the prosilica camera to generate an exposure signal on the PR2.
  • Removed the set_intrinsics tool. Now use the camera_calibration package to set the camera intrinsics.
  • Tweaked set_ip output.
  • SampleViewer is now runnable without going to a specific directory.

  • Disabled build of find_camera.
  • Message tweaks.
  • Documentation tweaks.


  • Updated SDK version listed in manifest.

0.4.1 (2010-01-20)

  • wge100_camera: Did phase 2 of cleanup of old node versions:
    • Now wge100_camera_node is the official node that should be used.
    • Now the unsuffixed .cfg files are the official ones.

0.4.0 (2010-01-20)

  • Updates to package descriptions.
  • Updated license files.


  • Fixed the resolution checks that are done in setMode.
  • Switched many annoying warnings to ROS_DEBUG.
  • Now waits 10 seconds before complaining that no frames have arrived.
  • Lengthened time before past-due frames cause an error to 10 seconds.
  • Past-due detector uses driver start time if no frame has arrived.
  • Merged driver status and camera status diagnostics.
  • Fixed logic for setting hardware ID in diagnostics.
  • Started cleanup of old node versions:
    • Copied wge100_camera_node to wge100_camera_node_old as it is still needed by qualification.
    • Added _old suffixes to old .cfg files.


  • Fixed freerun.launch to search for the package that the settings launch file is in.
  • pr2.launch now uses its own prosilica.launch file.

0.3.2 (2010-01-14)

  • Many documentation tweaks.
  • Eliminated the camera_launch_files package. Moved the launch files in with the drivers.


  • License changed to GPL because of list.h


  • Fix to work on i486 architecture.

0.3.1 (2010-01-08)


  • Added some cycle tests for the set_camera_info service.
  • Made many warnings named to ease filtering them out.
  • Added documentation and versioning information related to updating the firmware.


  • Got rid of dependencies on opencv and eliminated the old API.
  • Took out all references to deprecated self_test API.
  • Assorted cleanup.


  • Got rid of the unused camera_common package.

0.3.0 (2009-12-31)

  • The packages dcam1394 and libdc1394v2 have been moved into camera_drivers_experimental. These packages are not yet considered stable and will likely change before the release of a stable driver for firewire cameras.
  • Bug fix: fix import of dynamic_reconfigure

0.2.0 (2009-12-23)

  • First stable release


  • First release.

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