The carl_demos package contains various nodes and launch configurations for CARL robot demos, such as a web demo for running CARL on the RobotsFor.Me project.



'carl_speed_speak' provides auditory feedback for CARL's locomotion, so that he can sound more like what he thinks a vehicle sounds like.

Subscribed Topics

cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)
  • Velocity commands for CARL's base.


To install the carl_demos package, you can install from source with the following commands:

  •    1 cd /(your catkin workspace)/src
       2 git clone https://github.com/WPI-RAIL/carl_demos.git
       3 cd ..
       4 catkin_make
       5 catkin_make install


The carl_demos package contains the launch file basic_web_demo.launch which will launch a set of nodes on CARL to allow control of navigation and manipulation through a web interface. This includes tf publishing, video streaming, interactive markers, navigation, and an extra level of safety to allow researchers to cut off control of CARL from the web interface.

  • roslaunch carl_demos basic_web_demo.launch

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