carl_description contains urdf and xacro files for CARL, as well as Collada models for all of the components. It also includes a launch file for reading the robot model and setting up a joint_state_publisher and robot_state_publisher for visualization in tools such as rviz.


This package contains robot description files for CARL, organized into subdirectories as follows:

  • urdf/ contains xacro representations of urdf descriptions of the various robot components

  • meshes/ contains mesh files for visualization

  • robots/ contains a standalone model of the robot in both xacro and compiled urdf form


The carl_description package includes a launch file that can be used to load the robot model and setup joint state and robot state publishing used to populate a tf tree and visualize the robot. Once launched, CARL can be visualized in tools such as rviz. It can be launched with the following command:

roslaunch carl_description view.launch

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