This package generate waypoints for 2D navigation by using /map and /odom, or /amcl_pose. An example of using the packages can be seen in Robots/CIR-KIT-Unit03.


  • You can add waypoint ...
    • by clicking a point in Rviz

    • by a ROBOT's exploring with amcl running, which adds a waypoint at every dist_th meters proceeding.

  • Tips
    • You can see the pose (angular-z) of waypoints under conditions that tfs show up in Rviz and set scale to around 10.

    • You can tune the pose of a waypoint by dragging a circle around the box (stands for the specified waypoint), which is still unstable though...



Generate waypoints.

Subscribed Topics

/tf (tf/tfMessage)
  • Transforms (/map, /odom)
/amcl_pose (geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped)
  • Robot's estimated pose in the map, with covariance.


dist_th (double)
  • Threshold of distance[m] for adding new waypoint
yaw_th (double)
  • threshold of yaw angle[rad] for adding new waypoint


Save generated waypoints by waypoint_generator to a CSV file.


Load a CSV file saved by waypoint_saver and show the loaded waypoints in Rviz.


generate waypoints

$ rosrun waypoint_generator waypoint_generator

If you have already had waypoints file as point.csv,

$ rosrun waypoint_generator waypoint_generator --load path/to/point.csv

The waypoint file format is below.

x, y, z, qx, qy, qz, qw, is_searching_area, reach_threshold

save waypoint

$ rosrun waypoint_generator waypoint_saver


If the waypoint area is searching area, the you can make last colum 1. If you set it correct, the marker color will be yellow. The normal color is green.

check waypoints

If you want to check the waypoints, run the command as follows.

rosrun waypoint_generator waypoint_server --load path/to/waypoints.csv

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