An example of using the packages can be seen in Robots/CIR-KIT-Unit03.


This package sequentially navigates a robot via move_base by sending waypoints generated by waypoint_generator.


Specify a waypoint file to load.

  • Copy a waypoint file to waypoint_navigator/waypoints.

  • Edit an argument waypointsfile in waypoint_navigator/launch/waypoint_nagigator.launch to the copied one.

Run base nodes for CIR-KIT-Unit03.

For Real Robot

roslaunch cirkit_unit03_autorun autorun.launch

For Gazebo

roslaunch cirkit_unit03_autorun autorun_gazebo.launch

Start navigation.

  • Finally you can experience our sequential navigation from the following command!

roslaunch waypoint_navigator waypoint_navigator.launch
  • Your robot should be navigated soon.

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