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How to spawn robots in concert gazebo

Description: how to spawn robots in concert gazebo

Keywords: rocon concert app_manager simulation multirobot

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


This tutorial guides how to configure gazebo concert and start gazebo simulation concert.

Concert Service Gazebo

concert_service_gazebo provides gazebo robot world service that forms gazebo world with given parameters. This service requires robots and world_file params. robots field specifies its name, type, rapp package list, and location to spawn. robot type should have collected by the previous tutorial. world_file is a pointer to a gazebo world file.

Default gazebo robot world parameters:

   1 robots:
   2   - name: guimul
   3     type: kobuki
   4     robot_rapp_whitelist: [rocon_apps, kobuki_rapps]
   5     location: [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
   6   - name: gamza 
   7     type: turtlebot
   8     robot_rapp_whitelist: [rocon_apps, turtlebot_rapps]
   9     location: [0.0, -2.0, 3.14159265359]
  10 world_file: concert_service_gazebo/playground.world

Customise solution

Once own service parameters are ready, you can customise solution configurations to use gazebo robot world service with custom parameters. Please refer to Customise Service Configuration Tutorial to add concert_service_gazebo/gazebo_robot_world service and override custom service parameters. Check gazebo_concert as an example.

What's Next?

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