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Runtime inspection of Decision Making Models

Description: Using ros and rqt to view, monitor, record and interact with the decision making model

Keywords: decision_making

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Sending events

Once running, your model will be able to receive events over the decision_making/events topic. Events to the model can be sent using

$ rostopic pub decision_making/events std_msgs/String "COIN"

Recoring events

Events to the model can be recorded and replayed using

$ rosbag record -O subset decision_making/events

Recording the model state

In order to replay visually the model at later time it is possible to record only

$ rosbag record -O subset diagnostics

View the model

In order to see visually the model use the Decision Making rqt plugin

$ rqt

Choose the Decision Making graph plugin. This should open the following window

Canonical FSM example

Once the model is running, the visualization of your model should be loaded automatically, and you should be able to see the runtime coloring as in the following example

Canonical FSM example Canonical FSM example

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