denso_robot_ros package provides an URDF model for VS060 and an associated MoveIt configuration package as a standard component. To control other robot types, do the following process.

Downloading WINCAPS III

With ROSConverter tool (shipped with WINCAPS III), convert a newly created WINCAPS III project into a robot definition file. You can find ROSConverter tool in the WINCAPS III Ver. 3.55.0 or later. You can download the latest WINCAPS III from here (logon required).
*If you already have the WINCAPS III Ver. 3.59.4(08/24/2020) or later, you can skip this process.

Creating a WINCAPS III project

Create a WINCAPS III project of a controlled robot. The name of a newly created project will be the robot definition file name, so it is recommended to assign a name that indicates a robot type.

Converting a WINCAPS III project into a robot definition file

With ROSConverter tool (located at ${WINCAPS Installer Path}\Unsupported\Tools\ROSConverter\Bin\ROSConverter.exe), convert a newly created WINCAPS III project into a robot definition file. Once the conversion completes successfully, a new "${project name}_description" folder is created. Transfer the new folder to a ROS-used computer.

Importing a robot definition file

Execute the following command to import a robot definition file in a denso_robot_ros package. For an argument, specify the folder path of the created folder ("${project name}_description").

rosrun denso_robot_bringup ~/vs050_description

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