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Package Summary

This package contains nodes to map unknown doors and to detect the door state in real time using a laser scanner. Nodes: 1. Door Mapper: Listens to a PoseStamped message, learns its kinematic model and computes a frame with the following properties: - Given the extremal (minimal and maximal) angles observed the X-Axis goes along the direction of the extremum that is closer to the first observed pose. The other tools assume this to be the CLOSED door. => Thus you should start mapping of the door in closed state - The Z Axis points such that the angle increases (positively) when opening the door. - The Y Axis therefore is parallel to the door when opened 90 degrees 2. Door State: Listens to the laser range scanner, and looks within the area of the door for measurements that define a line and computes the door angle. 3. Handle Detector: Listens to a point cloud and looks within the area of the door for measurements that define a plane. A line is fitted to the plane outliers and assumed to be the handle. 4. Search Handle: Moves the head to look at random points in the area of the door until the handle detector sends out the pose of the handle 5. Search Checkerboard: Randomly moves the head until a the checkerboard detector publishes the checkerboard transformation. Then tracks the checkerboard marker.


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