Most posix based platforms may work more or less.

  • Linux - complete, all components have interfaces for linux systems.

These aren't currently supported at the moment simply because they're not getting testing, though the infrastructure is in place.

  • MacOsX - mostly posix, so mostly functional - only missing support for real-time timers and sockets.

  • Win32 - at this stage only very elementary support in ecl_config, ecl_errors, ecl_time and ecl_threads (not really usable!).

Build Time Requirements

  • RoS - uses the core ros stack that provides the build tools and environment for compilation.

  • Eigen is used by the higher level components.

Run Time Requirements

Only the minimal c/c++ libraries. On linux and macosx this usually means glibc/libstdc++. It has not yet been tested with other c/c++ libraries such as ulibc (curious though). If posix real-time support is available, it will automatically utilise that, but will fallback gracefully if it does not.

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