Provides a templatised c++ parser for handling command line arguments. The templates provide a very flexible manner for handling any type of input argument.

The code for the command line parser is a simple wrapper around another template header library called TCLAP. Since it is relatively small, its bundled here in the command_line subdirectory and namespaced in a convenient manner.


A more complicated, but more flexible alternative (it allows argument parsing from both command line and configuration file simultaneously) is the boost::program_options library.

Compiling & Linking

Include the following at the top of any translation unit:

   1 #include <ecl/command_line.hpp>
   3 // Interface classes
   4 using ecl::CmdLine;
   5 using ecl::ArgException
   6 // Argument classes
   7 using ecl::SwitchArg;
   8 using ecl::ValueArg;
   9 using ecl::MultiArg;
  10 using ecl::UnlabeledValueArg;
  11 using ecl::UnlabeledMultiArg; // there are more - see tclap docs



  • src/examples/command_line.cpp.

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