Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Introduction to Sigslots, Relaying Signals.
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Debugging Sigslots

Description: Tools to help debug sigslots problems.

Keywords: ecl sigslots

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

Often you may wish to see what is actually connected. This can be done by calling the SigSlotsManager<T>::printStatistics() function. Note that there is a manager for each templatised family of sigslots (i.e. SigSlotsManager<>, SigSlotsManager<int>). Some example code:

   1 A a;
   2 Signal<> sig_void;
   4 Slot<> slot_void0(g);
   5 Slot<> slot_void1(&A::g,a);
   7 sig_void.connect("void_test");
   8 slot_void0.connect("void_test");
   9 slot_void1.connect("void_test");
  11 sig_void.emit();
  12 ecl::SigSlotsManager<>::printStatistics();

would output:

   1   Topics
   2     Name: void_test
   3     # Subscribers: 2
   4     # Publishers : 1

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