Primary Goal

Goals are pretty much anything related to embedded. Actually the only important goal is to provide a place where others can contribute in a small way solutions which fix their needs and then share so that everyone benefits. With eros we're just hoping to provide a place which can kickstart that effort.

Embedded is hard enough as it is...

Current Status

Embedded Development

  • Tools and tests appropriate for embedded deployment.
  • Platform detection scripts and programs.
  • Cmake build recipes for 3rd party utilities (e.g. gdbserver).

Cross Compiling

  • Cmake toolchains and platform libraries, and python scripts to assist cross-compililing.
  • Support for both partial and full crosses of ros.
  • Testing area for embedded ros patches until merged upstream.

Toolchain Bridges

  • Ros packages with build scripts to convert a toolchain -> ros enabled toolchain.

  • Build recipes for installation of common toolchains (e.g. code sourcery).


This is of course entirely flexible depending on the needs of the community and will likely change to reflect that.

Non-Ros Wiki Guides

  • Guides on creating and installing toolchains.
  • Guides on using emulators (e.g. qemu).
  • Guides on creating suitable root filesystems.
  • Guides on compiling kernels.

Abstracted rosdep OS

  • Choose a single (or multiple) candidates for abstracted os (e.g. openembedded, t2).
  • Provide scripts which enables rosdep for the selected abstracted os's.

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