Epson Sensing System Sensors

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  • The ROS drivers are intended for evaluation of the Epson IMUs on a ROS1 (or ROS2) system.
  • There are different Epson 6DOF IMU models with various sensing ranges that can be evaluated in a ROS based system.
  • These are performance-oriented products with a combination of low power consumption and small size.
  • G3xx models are intended for board-level integration using a SPI or UART interface
  • G552PR models are intended for remote cabled mounting in harsh environments exposed to moisture or dust connected using an RS422 UART interface
  • For more detailed product info & specifications please refer to Epson Sensing System

* These ROS drivers are available for download from

Supported Devices

  • The ROS drivers are maintained to support the following Epson products:
    • G370PDF
    • G365PDC / G365PDF
    • G364PDC
    • G354PDH


ROS Platform

  • The ROS drivers have been tested on the following host platforms:
    • Intel PCs running Ubuntu 16.x Xenial or Ubuntu 18.x Bionic
    • Raspberry Pi 2 or 3+ running Ubuntu Mate 16.x or Ubuntu Mate 18.x
  • The latest ROS1 & ROS2 drivers have been tested using:

  ROS1:        Melodic
  Description: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
  Release:     18.04
  Codename:    bionic

  ROS2:        Dashing & Eloquent
  Description: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
  Release:     18.04
  Codename:    bionic

Serial Interfaces

  • There are two separate driver packages for each type of serial interface connection to the Epson device
  • Use the correct ROS driver package based on the serial connection type: SPI or UART
  • For G552PR choose the UART version of the driver
    • The ROS system must have a RS422 I/O compatible UART interface (UART protocol over RS422 Physical Layer) for connecting to the G552PR IMU

How to Use This Software

Technical Support

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