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Description: Introduction to Visual Programming Language(VPL) Blockly.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Blockly is a visual editor that allows users to write programs by adding blocks together. Developers can integrate the Blockly editor into their own web applications to create a great UI for novice users. It is designed for people with no prior experience with computer programming. Robotic block set has been developed using Google Blockly for robot control operations. The data collected from the sensors on the robot can be gathered and instructions can be sent to the robot using these blocks. Evarobot is used in this study which is a fully ROS compatible robot which is built by Inovasyon Muhendislik. Blocks were created specifically for operations that can be performed by using evarobot. This study is performed by using open source software like ROS, Blockly, and Gazebo is presented to users as open source. Web page connected to ROS which runs on server using roslibjs library. Server and robot are connected to each other using ROS. Communication between server and web page is supported by rosbridge server tool.

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