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Using face_contour_detector without the other packages in the portrait_bot stack

Description: This tutorial describes how to send the face_contour_detector requests without the rest of the tools in the portrait_bot stack.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Building face_contour_detector

To build face_contour_detector just execute

$ rosdep install face_contour_detector
$ rosmake face_contour_detector

Starting the services

To start the services needed just execute

$ roslaunch face_contour_detector start.launch

Sending a request

Now you can send a request to the face_contour_detector. To test this you can download these two example imageandmask.zip images.

$ rosrun face_contour_detector send_autoselect_request /path/to/a/image.png /path/to/a/mask.png

Note: The mask has to have the same width and height as the image, and can only have the colors black (marks the area of the face) and white (marks everything else) in it.

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