Known Issues

This page provides additional information on specific known issues with ROS-Industrial Fanuc packages. It does not replace the Github issue tracker, nor is it a place to report new issues. Please use the appropriate channels for that (refer to the Contact us/Technical support and Report a Bug sections on the fanuc/Indigo page).

MoveIt configurations

Incorrect acceleration limits

The true acceleration limits for the manipulators supported by the MoveIt configuration packages are currently unknown. Because of this, all packages are configured to use the default MoveIt acceleration limits of 1/5th of the maximum joint velocity.

This issue is tracked as issue 49.

Poor planning performance

Some users have reported poor planning performance (abnormally long planning times, strange paths) when using the default (ie: LBKPIECE1) planner configuration in combination with certain robot models. At least the Universal Robot models and some KUKA LWR4 variants are known to trigger this behaviour in MoveIt / OMPL.

This issue has not been observed with or reported for any of the MoveIt configurations in the fanuc or fanuc_experimental repositories, but is included here in case users run into it.

A possible work-around is to plan using the RRTConnect planner, and / or to set planning attempts to 1.

This issue is tracked at universal_robot/issue 193 and issue 156.

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