Flexible Navigation

The Flexible Navigation system provides a FlexBE compatible state machine interface to navigation capabilities such as those provided by ROS navigation stack.

The system decouples planning and control to allow more flexible designs, including collaborative autonomy that enables operator verification via the FlexBE graphical interface.

This system is currently available on github for the ROS Kinetic system.


Please refer to the FlexBE Homepage for further information about the capabilities of FlexBE.

This package decouples global and local planning by providing separate implementations that accept base_global_planner and base_local_planner plugins. These are fully compatible with ROS Navigation stack plugins, but are interfaced through Action interfaces with FlexBE state implementations. This provides for either fully autonomous or supervised collaborative autonomy via the FlexBE user interface, and allows the user to easily customize recovery behaviors. The FlexBE system even allows behaviors to be adapted during runtime.

A series of videos show the system in operation Flexible Navigation Videos.


The base software is available on github and can be checked out in your workspace by running:

git clone https://github.com/CNURobotics/flexible_navigation.git

A complete system demonstration, including custom behaviors, using the Turtlebot platform is available on github. Follow the installation instructions linked on the README for that package, and follow the startup instructions for the Gazebo simulation based demonstration.

The system was originally developed and tested in ROS Kinetic.


The complete integrated simulation demonstration is provided for a Turtlebot using our custom setup. See the associated README for more information.

Our videos show the system in operation Flexible Navigation Videos.


Flexible Navigation Paper

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