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Package Summary

The fs100_motoman package. Contains a node for connect and streaming to a FS100 controller.

  • Maintainer status: developed
  • Maintainer: Thomas Timm Andersen (Technical University of Denmark) <ttan AT elektro.dtu DOT dk>
  • Author: Asger Winther-Jørgensen (Technical Univeristy of Denmark) <asger.winther AT gmail DOT com>
  • License: LGPL
  • Source: git (branch: master)



The fs100_motoman package was created together with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Institute for Automation and Control ( The reason for this package was to provide an easy way to continuously stream a trajectory to the FS100 controller, to enable real-time sensor based control.


The fs100_motoman package can be installed with

sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-fs100-motoman

or by downloading the source code and compiling it.


The package is designed to enable continuous trajectory streaming. A topic is used to transfer data from outside nodes to the mh5l_traj node. Because of this, no feedback is givin for the trajectory points send, and the user needs to subscribe to the joint_states topic to enable a closed loop control. The node connect to the FS100 controller over ethernet socket, and communicates with the simple message format. The package includes the simple message format created by Southwest Research Institute, and used in the MotoROS programs. When a point is recieved, it is stored in a queue, that is executed as fast as possible. The MotoROS can only recieve one point at a time, and will refuse subsequent points until the first point has been proccessed.


The fs100_motoman is able to stream points at 40 Hz. If points are streamed at this rate, smooth motions can easily be performed. The fs100_motoman has no speed violation check on the input given. This allows the user to send a trajectory point with too large position/velocity difference, triggering an error on the controller. The user needs to keep this in mind when sending trajectory points, perhabs do a filtering of the trajectory before streaming it.



Opens connection with FS100 controller with MotoROS installed. Publishes joint states in topics and subscribes to JointTrajectoryPoint topic for goal position. The robot has a reaction delay of ~0.2 sec.

Subscribed Topics

fs100_motoman/mh5l/joint_target (trajectory_msgs/JointTrajectoryPoint)
  • Data published to this topic is put into an internal queue, that is executed as fast as possible. Publishing faster than points can be executed can result in delayed movement. The Duration specified in the message contains the duration of the movement sent, not the duration from the start of the trajectory.

Published Topics

fs100_motoman/mh5l/joint_state (sensor_msgs/JointState)
  • The current robot state. The data recieved from the FS100 controller is delayed ~0.2 sec.


fs100_motoman/mh5l/reset_trajectory (fs100_motoman/setReset)
  • Resets the internal queue and variables (absolute time, sequence number).


IP (string)
  • The nodes expects an IP to be provided as an argument.

Report a bug

Use github to report a bug and view current issues.

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