Infrastructure SIG meeting notes: Sept 29th 2011


  • Tully
  • Florian
  • Melonee
  • Ken
  • Ethan
  • Troy


  • Review requests and prioritize.
  • Ethan Ken present rosci prototype
  • Lay out plan of attack on priorities

Notes: Reviewing proposals

  • Troy might have an alternative to puppet/chef.

External documentation

  • Important to document layout of the output of the documentation/indexer.

External Release

  • External Closed Source release support needs to be able to support better masking or custom debian rules files. rosbuild2 installable can take care of much of this.
    • There's a lot of it so converting it might be a problem.
  • might need/want ABI stability of core packages

PIP based release scripts would be convenient, they're not backwards compatible, so might only work for Fuerte and newer.

Non rosbuild packages

  • Plan to install into /opt/ros/ROSDISTRO
  • Need to be careful about people installing into the system.
    • Need ABI checkers for c++
    • Need Python script/library checking

Reviewing rosci prototype:

  • Potientially seperate test-deps and build-deps vs runtime deps
  • We currently don't have tests against the binaries/installed versions
  • Might need a little more doc configuration, such as what to call where to execute.
  • Not supporting all variants of build options might not be a good idea. If you want to do something extremelly non standard/complicated write an itermediate "package" with download unpack patch logic as necessary and provides test, doc and install targets.
  • Might want to write a mock set of packages to test our infrastrucure which builds and installs very quicky.
  • /!\ Need a fake jenkins and fake

  • /!\ Need a way to reproduce for testing and backup/recovery.

  • start with rosci on pcl, opencv, eigen later we can extend it to things which are already working, maybe(ROS packages with rosbuild2)
  • a draft of what the required metadata would look like

Package documentations

  • Need to make which packages are released in a specific distro.
    • shoot for some good color coding based on review status.
  • improve visibility of tests and coverage

Action Items:

  • /!\ upgrade askbot (Tully) contracting with Evgeny help from Nathan

  • /!\ upgrade hudson to jenkins (Turkey) -- progress on email with Nathan today

  • /!\ rosci with rospkg rosdep std_msgs ecto (Ethan Ken Troy)

  • /!\ convert release scripts (Ken)

  • /!\ puppet/chef investigation (Tully)

    • /!\ release run_chroot w/o configuration

  • /!\ list of core dependencies (Florian), see IPA dependencies

  • /!\ reproducable jenkins and (including devel versions)

  • /!\ fix debbuild on storm

  • /!\ make release information more visible on the wiki

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