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Automatically import all entities simulated in ROS-enabled Gazebo or described in a set of SDF files into rviz through the TF and Marker plugin. Furthermore add objects from a SDF as MoveIt collision objects.

This package contains the following (Python) nodes:

  • translates /gazebo/link_states to TF in a hierarchical manner corresponding to SDF <include>.

  • retrieves the current gazebo models from /gazebo/model_states, parses their corresponding SDF file and sends visualization_msgs/Marker messages for each link (either visual or collision) to /visualization_marker used by the rviz Marker plugin (fixed frame is gazebo_world). With this solution no plugin for either gazebo or rviz is required, only already available interfaces are used.

  • loads a specified SDF model and publishes it as rviz Marker. Note that an accordingly named TF must exist (e.g. rosrun tf2_ros static_transform_publisher 0 0 0  0 0 0 1 world SDF_model_link_name) or fixed frame adjusted.

  • publish all relations between SDF links (according to model joints) to static TF.

  • publish a selected relation between two SDF links as static TF.

  • add objects from a SDF as MoveIt collision objects (with the ability to ignore submodels).

Here is a small usage example

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