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Configuring a Trimble AgGPS Receiver

Description: Trimble AgGPS configuration requirements for interoperability with gpsd_client

Keywords: Trimble, Trimble AgGPS, AgGPS, GPS, gpsd, gpsd_client, gps

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In order for a Trimble AgGPS262 or similar AgGPS receiver to operate correctly with gpsd_client the receiver has to be configured properly.

STEP 1: Connect the proprietary serial cable to a windows system and launch AG Remote software. If you need this software you can find it here: http://www.trimble.com/support_trl.asp?pt=AgRemote&Nav=Collection-1545

STEP 2: Once you are connected to the receiver you need to modify the list of active NMEA sentences to match the following list. Active NMEA senstences are indicated by being displayed with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS whereas inactive NMEA sentences are displayed in all lowercase letters.

List of NMEA sentences that need to be active on the port (either PORTA or PORTB) that is connected to the ROS system:

Note: Instructions on navigating the menu structure and setting these modes properly can be found in the applicable AgGPS user manual for your specific receiver.

1. RMC 2. GGA 3. GSA 4. GSV 5. GST 6. MSS

Aside from the specific NMEA sentence settings, I would recommend that the GPS receiver port (Either PORTA or PORTB) be configured as follows,

Input Protocol: TSIP Baud: 38400 Output Protocol: NMEA Baud: 38400

Note: Your success may vary. After hours of playing with various settings on the receiver I was finally able to receive valid result via "rostopic echo /gps" after setting up my receiver as above.

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