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The packages provided in this metapackage offer a C++ API and ROS services for GraspIt!.

The wiki pages, including installation instructions and tutorials, are still located at the github wiki and will be moved here some time soon.

The packages have been released in the ROS building repository on March 3rd 2016. It will take a while until it is available as Ubuntu package. Please install from source until then, following instructions at the github wiki.


The packages use the original GraspIt! source. A few changes to this original source are required and used by the packages. The changes can be found in my fork of graspit.

The GraspIt! source in my fork is compiled into the library built with the package grasp_planning_graspit.

No headers or libraries of the original graspit source are installed with this package!

The only exception is that the executable, graspit_simulator, is installed under the name graspit_simulator_standalone. With this configuration, this package will not clash with another installation of GraspIt!. As soon as the original GraspIt! code is available as ROS/ubuntu package, this will become a dependency, and the graspit code will not be pre-compiled into the library of grasp_planning_graspit any more.

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Please report a but in the github issues.

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