Groovy (0.2.x versions)

0.2.4 (26.05.2013)

0.2.3 (13.05.2013)

Fuerte (0.1.x versions)

0.1.4 (26.05.2013)

  • see version 0.2.4 for Groovy

0.1.3 (12.03.2013)

  • hector_gazebo_plugins: fixed parameter loading in class SensorModel. Unknown SDF plugin parameters have type string and cannot be loaded using the sdf::Param::GetValue() method.

  • hector_gazebo_thermal_camera: split the plugin in two versions: requires a camera sensor as parent, where requires a depth sensor. Note that in fuerte all cameras created from URDF descriptions are depth cameras internally for some weird reason and the robot description must be updated to use the new plugin. Also deleted a lot of useless code, which was copied from the depth camera plugin in package gazebo_plugins.

  • hector_gazebo_plugins: added missing dependency to tf, used by diffdrive_plugin_6w

  • updated #include directives to use the angle-bracket form for gazebo include files

0.1.2 (07.02.2013)

0.1.1 (29.09.2012)

0.1.0 (04.09.2012)

  • initial release

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