ROS packages dependences:

  • gazebo-ros
  • mavros here

  • mavlink
  • geographic-msgs
  • tf2-eigen
  • control-toolbox
  • GNSS_utils here

GeographicLib dependeces:

sudo apt-get install libgeographic-dev
sudo apt-get install geographiclib-tools

Run the script in:

Compile this directory in your ROS workspace.

Then copy the already configured files to the *mavros* directory:

cd ${YOUR_ROS_WORKSPACE}/src/heifu/heifu_scripts_firmware
cp apm_config.yaml $(rospack find mavros)/launch/
cp apm.launch $(rospack find mavros)/launch/
cp node.launch $(rospack find mavros)/launch/

NOTE: Adjust the yaml loader script to deal with the argument substitution in the roslaunch of yaml files:

cd ${YOUR_ROS_WORKSPACE}/src/heifu/heifu_scripts_firmware
cp /opt/ros/melodic/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/roslaunch/

Dont forget to add gimbal and mavros to the source folder and run catkin build

To run the nodes with a real drone:

Just launch - Heifu_bringup

roslaunch heifu_bringup heifu_bringup.launch

Launch Input arguments:

    argSafety - Activates the safety zone mode and run the node heifu_safety.
    argTakeOffAltitude - Defines the Takeoff altitude.
    argSim - Activates the simulation mode. Loads Gazebo and a pre-configured world with the drone HEIFU.
    argSecredas - Activates the Secredas Usecases. (Needs extra packages secredas).
    argUseCase - Defines witch usecase of Secredas will be loaded.
    argPlanners - Loads the Planners nodes with static colision avoidance (Needs extra packages Planners).

Heifu Simulation:

First make sure that the ArduPilot firmware is correctly installed, by following the steps described

To open the simulation:

1st terminal - Launch Heifu_bringup

roslaunch heifu_bringup heifu_bringup.launch argSim:=true

2nd terminal - Launch ArduPilot firmware

cd ~/ardupilot/ArduCopter/ -v ArduCopter -f gazebo-heifu -I1


Heifu Bringup

Responsible for load all packages.

Heifu Description

This package contains the drone robot HEIFU and the worlds for the simulation.

Heifu Diagnostic

Responsible for verify the GPS fix state of the drone and send the information to the application.



Heifu Interface

This package is the bridge between the ROS and the application.




Heifu Mavros

This is the main package to control the drone. Responsible for message conversions and commands between the packages and the mavros node.




Heifu Msgs

This package contain the messages and services necessary to work.

Heifu Safety

If loaded, this package controls the flight area and velocity limit of the drone to a safety real demonstration.




Heifu Simple Waypoint

This package receive a setpoint and make the drone fly pointed to desired position.



Heifu Tools

Responsible for convert the velocity command messages.



Report a Bug

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