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hrl_behaviors: hrl_behavior_manager | hrl_clickable_behaviors | hrl_clickable_world | hrl_move_floor_detect | hrl_table_detect | pr2_approach_table | pr2_collision_monitor | pr2_grasp_behaviors

Package Summary

Contains a working demo of the hrl_clickable_world interface.



Behaviors currently available

  • move_floor - moves the base to a place on the floor

  • table_approach - approaches a table for tabletop manipulation

  • grasp_object - grasps object using pr2_grasping_behaviors overhead grasp

  • place_object - places object using pr2_grasping_behaviors overhead place

Running the Demo

To get this demo successfully working on your robot, you must remap most of the image and pointcloud topics so that they reference your preferred perception. The interface assumes your point_cloud and image generally overlap. The following lines of code run the demo on Georgia Tech's PR2:

roslaunch pixel_2_3d run_srv.launch
roslaunch gt_pr2 gt_map_nav.launch # launches both a global map (you must provide your own) and a navigation stack
roslaunch hrl_pr2_lib openni_kinect_polled.launch # launches our Kinect nodes
roslaunch hrl_clickable_behaviors clickable_world_demo.launch # The majority of the demo code is launched from here.

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