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icart_mini: icart_mini_control | icart_mini_description | icart_mini_driver | icart_mini_gazebo

Package Summary

This package provides packages related to navigation of i-Cart mini.


EXPERIMENTAL: This status indicates that this software is experimental code at best. There are known issues and missing functionality. The APIs are completely unstable and likely to change. Use in production systems is not recommended. All code starts at this level. For more information see the ROS-Industrial software status page.


Install ROS software (recommended ROS indigo version with Ubuntu 14.04LTS) at, please select Ubuntu platform. and then, run the following commands for install this package.

$ git clone
$ wstool init
$ wstool merge icart_mini/icart_mini.install
$ wstool up
$ rosdep install --from-paths . --ignore-src --rosdistro $ROS_DISTRO -y
$ cd ..
$ catkin_make


Bring up the real/simulated robot

The following will show the commands needed to bring up either real or simulated robots.

  • Bring up the simulated robot

$ roslaunch icart_mini_gazebo icart_mini.launch
  • Bring up the real robot

$ ./
$ roslaunch icart_mini_driver icart_mini_drive.launch

Teleoperation with a joystick

$ roslaunch icart_mini_driver teleop_joy.launch

Build map

$ roslaunch icart_mini_navigation build_map_teleop.launch

During building a map, waypoints are recorded by pressing the No.1 button of the joystick.

When you set 2DNavGoal at the goal point on the RViz, waypoints will be saved and then waypoints file stored in CATKIN_WS/src/icart_mini/icart_mini_navigation/waypoints_cfg/waypoints.yaml is overwritten. So that, the navigation system can be automatically load waypoints configuration.

If you want to save the map, run a map_saver node like the following command.

$ rosrun map_server map_saver -f filename

Record the waypoints

$ roslaunch icart_mini_navigation record_waypoints_viz.launch map_file:=filename.yaml
  • Using a joystick

$ roslaunch icart_mini_navigation record_waypoints_joy.launch map_file:=filename.yaml

Note that filename must be specified in the full path.

  • Waypoint Navigation

$ roslaunch icart_mini_navigation play_waypoints_nav.launch
  • Waypoint Navigation with an optional map file

A map name must be specified in the full path.

$ roslaunch icart_mini_navigation play_waypoints_nav.launch map_file:=filename.yaml
  • Run the navigation system with a static map

$ roslaunch icart_mini_navigation nav_static_map.launch
  • Enable the starting flag

$ rostopic pub -1 /syscommand std_msgs/String "start"

Don't forget to turn off the teleoperation, it might interfere with the robot's commands.


Q. I couldn't visualize the waypoints at all on the RViz. So, what should I do?

A. Please click an checkbox of the waypoints topic again on RViz.

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