1.2.2 (2010-10-07)

  • Fixed bug in stereo processor where point clouds generated from RGB images would have the wrong color (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 4329)>>).

1.2.1 (2010-08-09)

  • fixed a bug in stereo processor where point fields count was not set correctly for PointCloud2 types (r31657)

1.2.0 (2010-07-22)

Changes since 1.0 release:

  • camera_calibration:

    • Set projection matrix P correctly in monocular calibration (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 3684)>>, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3975)>>).

    • Calibration no longer makes hard-coded assumptions about checkerboard dimensions and corner spacing.
    • Removed bogus C flags from manifest (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 4161)>>).

    • Fixed to work with arbitrary size images, not only 640x480 (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 3951)>>).

    • Wait for set_camera_info service at startup, error if it doesn't become available (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 3977)>>).

    • Throw out images with corners very close to the image edges; can cause bad calibration (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 3980)>>).

    • Only allow Save/Upload when calibration is done (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 3934)>>, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3956)>>).

    • Fixed incorrect detecting of camera remaps (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 3989)>>).

    • Mono calibration now reports linear error of the rectified checkerboard corners (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 4035)>>).

    • Updated cameracheck to work with stricter topic name checking (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 4036)>>).

    • camera_hammer utility for testing a set_camera_info service call.
    • Added a simple calibration script (camera_calibrate_from_disk.py) that loads a set of images from disk and performs monocular calibration returning the camera intrinsics.

    • Can initialize calibrators from CameraInfo messages (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 3891)>>).

  • image_proc:

    • Fixed possible crash when changing the encoding of the raw image stream (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 4252)>>).

    • Warn if color topic requested but raw image data is grayscale.
    • Specific error message on receiving image with ambiguous 8UC3 encoding.

  • stereo_image_proc:

    • Many improvements to the OpenCV stereo block matcher used for computing disparities.
      • Uses capped X-Sobel operator as the prefilter - quick to compute and doesn't expand edges.
      • OpenCV now implements speckle filtering.
      • Removed junk disparities at the image edge.
      • Non-zero min_disparity handled correctly.

      • Improved stereo interpolation to reduce "waviness."
    • Added points2 topic with the new sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 format.

    • Changed default settings to give good stereo results on PR2 data.
    • Upped texture_threshold maximum to 10000; high values needed for simulated stereo images.
    • Made some methods of StereoProcessor public so e.g. a Videre STOC driver can user them.

  • image_view:

    • Workaround for exiting when the user closes the window on Linux systems (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 3026)>>).

    • Source files and executables now go in src/ and bin/ (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 3978)>>).

  • image_rotate: New package for visualizing camera streams in an orientation that is more intuitive to the user than the hardware-constrained orientation of the physical camera. This is particularly helpful, for example, to show images from the PR2's forearm cameras with a consistent up direction, despite the fact that the forearms need to rotate in arbitrary ways during manipulation.

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