0.9 (2010-01-11)


  • Raw images may now be 8-bit mono, RGB, BGR, or any of the four bayer encodings.
  • Now using OpenCV for bayer interpolation.
  • Now using image_geometry for rectification.
  • Better error reporting when started in global namespace or input topics do not exist.


  • Inherited improvements from image_proc.
  • Now using OpenCV's block matching implementation to calculate the disparity image.
  • Parameters have changed to more closely follow OpenCV's options.
  • Publishing floating-point disparity image.
  • No longer publishing image_disparity, use stereo_view for visualization instead.
  • REMOVED deprecated stereoproc node and other obsolete files.


  • stereo_view shows color-mapped disparity image along with left/right.



  • GUI improvements.

0.1.1 (2009-12-23)

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