Reviewer: Caroline

  • It would be nice to include an image in both raw and undistorted form in the "mini tutorial" on the package page.
  • On the package page, differentiate between undistorting an image and rectifying an image, and mention that image_proc does both.
  • Discuss the fact that the CameraInfo message has both pre and post rectification camera parameters (pre: D, K, R; post: P)

  • There's no need to mention PR2-specific cameras (like the forearm camera) in the docs.
  • Explicitly state whether there are parameters.
  • The code api is undocumented. This is largely ok, but perhaps a few choice functions could be documented and the unfinished comments (like "test_stereo_msgs is ..." on the front page) could be cleaned up.
  • An example launch file in the package might be nice.
  • Do we know which algorithms we're using for debayering, etc.? I've seen better debayering results, so this might be an interesting factoid. Are we using bilinear or bicubic interpolation for the rectification? Is there a way to adjust those parameters? At least point to the docs of the relevant OpenCV functions and make sure those are well documented.

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