The following are Industrial Trajectory Filter specific tutorials:

  1. Converting arm navigation trajectory filters into MoveIt Planning Request Adapters

    This tutorial describes how to convert an Arm Navigation Trajectory Filter Plugin into a MoveIt Planning Request Adapter that can be compiled in a catkin package. (<=Groovy)

  2. Developing a Planning Request Adapter

    This tutorial is a step by step development of a planning request adapter using a simple smoothing filter as an example

  3. Using a planning adapter inside of MoveIt.

    This tutorial will show you how to use a planning request adapter with MoveIt.

Tutorials for using trajectory filters with Arm Navigation (deprecated in Groovy, unsupported in Hydro and later):

  1. Utilizing Trajectory Filters with a Generated Arm Navigation Package

    Gives an overview of the common industrial trajectory filters and shows how to apply them to an auto-generated arm navigation package

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