Supported Hardware

This driver supports all iXblue inertial sensors outputing stdbin protocol like the Atlans and Phins Compact series.


INS Configuration

The INS should be configured through its web interface to output:

  • Protocol: IXBLUE STD BIN (any version between 2 and 5)
  • Rate: desired frequency
  • Physical Link: Ethernet
  • Transport Layer: UDP
  • IP: IP of the ROS computer
  • Port: 8200




ROS driver for iXblue inertial sensors supporting stdbin protocol

Published Topics

ix/ins (ixblue_ins_msgs/Ins)
  • Inertial and position data using a custom message
standard/imu (sensor_msgs/Imu)
  • Standard ROS IMU message containing inertial data
standard/navsatfix (sensor_msgs/NavSatFix)
  • GNSS Position of the system in Standard ROS message
standard/timereference (sensor_msgs/TimeReference)
  • INS time reference


~udp_port (string, default: 8200)
  • The UDP port from which the system will receive INS data.
~ip (string, default:
  • The address of the network interface to listen to.
~time_source (string, default: ins)
  • Determine the source of the timestamp data. "ins" for ins timestamp. "ros" for ROS timestamp.
~time_origin (string, default: unix)
  • Determine the time origin of the timestamp. "sensor_default" for ins base time. "unix" for UNIX base time (since 1st of january 1970).

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