<!> At the time of this review the package was named laser_scan

API review

Proposer: Tully Foote

Present at review:

  • List reviewers

Question / concerns / comments

  • Location and name suggestions??
    • kwc: naming inconsistency: package is 'laser_scan_utils' but namespace is 'laser_scan'. That implies that the package name should be 'laser_scan'
    • stu: swap 'angle_max' and 'angle_min' in getUnitVectors
    • jml: How does this interact with "TransformListener::transformLaserScanToPointCloud," since this provides similar (but inferior) functionality?

    • vijay: A LaserMedianFilter is defined, but I imagine there could be many more types of laser filters (eg. intensity filter, between-ranges filter)

      • It might be useful to have an abstract LaserFilter type that any laser filter would inherit off of.

  • eric: in Median filter, num_ranges and averaging_length are not clearly defined. At least one likely needs re-naming
  • eric: in Projector, what is the need for preservative parameter, when the range also defaults to -1?

  • brian: Do we intend to keep using NEWMAT data types? Should we instead use ublas or something similar?

Meeting notes

Interface with libtf?


  • Move libtf laser projection into here
  • Make selection of quality vs. speed selectable
  • Pull laser_scan message into this package (Decided against)

Message dependencies:

  • Don't want to add deep dependency tree in order to get laser_scan message
  • Put laser_scan in robot_msg, its own package, or just depend for messages

Remove preservative


  • Can keep using
  • Don't return Newmat externally


Package status: API partially reviewed. Second review needed.

  • /!\ Rename to laser_scan

  • /!\ Move laser_scan into robot_msg

  • /!\ Move tf laser_scan transform code into laser_scan

  • /!\ Remove num_ranges, and just allocate when scan received (num_ranges may change)

  • /!\ Hide getUnitVectors

  • {X} Propose and review filter base-class and extensibility

  • {X} Review TF integration API

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